Porsche 911 (964) Road Legal Track Car

This 964 started life as Carrera 2 then built up by AFN (Porsche UK) as a race car and subsequently competed in the Pirelli Porsche Club Championship in the early 1990's. It has had a well documented life and some of the articles the car has appeared in are mentioned below.

The car has had substantial mechanical and cosmetic work resulting in a car of immense capability with a very clean appearance.

The cost of making this car what it is today is far in excess of what it is selling for and therefore has to present very attractive value for money for the capable track day enthusiast.


Exterior - The presentation of the paintwork is a strong point on this car certainly not in keeping with many a track car.

Wheels - Are all good order with no substantial markings. 

Interior - This is completely stripped out - the Recaro seats are however in very good condition.

Cosmetically, a very well presented car.

Tyres (New 8mm, Legal Limit 1.6mm)

Michelin Pilot Sport N3
Front - 7 mm
Rear - 7 mm

History File

The are many invoices to support the work that has gone into this car as well as some official race classification print outs and magazine articles.

Article - Total 911 Magazine - Issue 88 (May 2012)

A very interesting 8 page article comparing a factory original 1989 911 CS to this "œdedicated bespoke build racer". The article quotes that the car was on the market for sale at £46,000.

Some of the facts in the article:

Raced in the early nineties by the likes of Barry "œWizzo" Williams and Mark Sumpter. Sold to Demon Tweeks MD Alan Minshaw until an accident required a new shell. Was built to cup spec by GWR (Gordon Wardle Racing). 

Been worked on by Ninemeister over recent years (they set out an estimated cost to recreate this car to be almost £44,000 plus the donor car)

The engine is the non VarioRam 3.6 litre from the 993 Carrera with a custom exhaust and Motec M48 ECU. Remapped to 320bhp.

Some of the experience noted by Phil Royle:

Spits flames on the overrun that crackle and pop like small arms-fire in a warzone / Everything makes sense and works together in perfect harmony and at pace on the track / Acceleration was brutal, accompanied by a wall of flat-six noise / Turn in was razor sharp and as accurate as any 911 / Grip limit was enormous as was the stopping power / We lapped the fast sweeping circuit with ease passing modern GT3's, it was that quick / It was incredible and the best 964 laps I've ever had.

Article - 911 & Porsche World - Issue 44 (1997)

A 3 page article written by Bill Goodman after meeting then owner and racer Adrian Slater for an on road test drive of the Pirelli Porsche Cup ready racer.  

Specification (source: Total 911 magazine article)

- 993 3.6 Litre Flat Six
Motec M48 ECU with Ninemeister Remap
K&N Induction Kit
Custom Exhaust
Bespoke Engine Mounts

- G50 5 Speed Gearbox with Racing Limited Slip Differential and Modified Final Drive

- 17 Inch Dymag Magnesium Wheels in White
Michelin Pilot Sport Tyres (Fr 205/50 Rr 255/40)
White Power Fully Adjustable Coilover Suspension with Remote Damping
Front Upper Strut Brace
Full Competition Spec Clubsport Roll Cage
Porsche Four Pot Racing Brakes with Drilled Discs

- 3.8RS Rear Wing
Non Heated Rear Glass
Bonnet Pins
Electric Kill Switch
Tow Eyes

- Fully Stripped and Welded Steel Competition Roll Cage
Porsche Recaro Racing Bucket Seats
Schroth Racing Harnesses
Sparco Race Steering Wheel
Carbon Door Panels
Alloy Window Winders
Plumbed-In Firesense Response Fire Extinguisher with SPA Design System Control
Modified Pedals



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